Abundance Accelerator Program

It's time to radically expand your life, fall madly in love with yourself and blow your mind with what you're truly capable of!

Abundance Accelerator Program

It's time to radically expand your life, fall madly in love with yourself and blow your mind with what you're truly capable of!




  • An overachiever who's poured your heart and soul into your work and something keeps stopping you from moving ahead
  • Successful by other people's standards yet what you feel on the inside doesn't match what you express on the outside
  • All things to everyone. You put your work, family, partner and friends first and there just never seems to be any time left for you (and you're feeling depleted)


You've achieved some success, but don't feel worthy of it and something's still holding you back from living the life you REALLY want?

You know you haven't hit your highest potential. 

It feels like it's right around the corner, but something's keeping you stuck.




"Larisa, you gave me my life back. 

I didn't feel like I was living and had destructive, obsessive habits that were controlling me. 

Your guidance and awareness has impacted me so I can start living my life the way I am truly meant to. 

And everyday you inspire me to make an impact, to make the world a better place."

- Kristen Carrington, Pilates Pro turned Master Results Coach

The Abundance Accelerator Program is the World's #1 mindset program to help you stop feeling stuck and start feeling fully worthy of your success.

 Using science, psychology and the power of the unconscious mind, we help you match who you want to be on the inside with the person who shows up on the outside so you can achieve everything you've ever wanted in your life and business. 

We use evidence-based practices, proven systems, tools, methods and strategies used to help you get to your destination.

Until now, it's been extremely difficult to get the results you want without struggling. 

Let's face it, you've been conditioned since early childhood to think, operate and behave in a certain way. Your parents, teachers and caregivers did the best they could and likely didn't have the skills themselves to show you the path to success. 

You learned how to work hard. You learned how to follow the rules. You learned how to do things for everyone else when asked and somewhere along the lines you got left out. 

When you try to focus on yourself, you keep getting stuck. You find yourself wanting too many things and not knowing what to do. You finally make a decision and go for it and achieve some success, but deep down, you don't feel fulfilled, because you know you're destined for more. 

There's something bigger out there for you... if you could only find out what it is... and have the courage to go for it before sabotaging yourself and letting your family, work or life get in the way. 

Well, here's the good news. You can have more. You can be more. You can do more. 

The world is full of infinite possibility and abundance, all you need to do is place your order with the universe and claim your prize. Sounds simple... and it is. But it's not easy if you don't know what to do.


Larisa helped me refocus the trajectory of my business in less than 15 minutes!

"I'd watched Larisa from the sidelines for a while and finally decided to connect for some help to get my business to the next level. She got me to refocus the trajectory of my business in less than 15 minutes and we were off to the races. Instead of a generalist, I now focus on helping people relieve their dis-ease with gut pain so they can free themselves to live the lives they deserve. It feels incredible to authentically serve my ideal clients and because of this I'm able to passionately offer even better value than I ever had before."

- Jason Correia, The Gut Coach

Here's What You Really Need

You Get It All In The Abundance Accelerator Program

... You need a step-by-step system that can help you achieve the life you really want. 

... You need to calm down and focus so you can speed up to getting the things you desire.

... You need a mindset reset that's relevant to you and based on science, psychology and universal law (not something someone simply saw reposted on Instagram).

... You need proven systems, strategies, resources and methodologies that have been successfully used by others.

... You need evidence of your success so you AND your unconscious mind know you've made a change and can allow it to stick and invite the positive changes to continue.

... You need support and accountability where you can have human connection to give you the guidance, motivation, support and direction. Accountability is a success insurance policy. 

... You need a community to learn, grow and connect with. Like-minded people are key!

... You need expert guidance to steer you along the road to success.


The Abundance Accelerator Program will show you how to: 

  • Radically expand your life, fall madly in love with yourself and blow your mind with what you're truly capable of!

  • Say yes to yourself and the goals you really desire (we'll show you how to find them)

  • Live your life on purpose and go after your dreams

  • ​​Bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be

  • ​​Overcome fear and procrastination

  • Stop letting people and circumstances dictate your results

  • ​Illuminate 95% of the potential you're not consciously aware of

  • ​Be congruent in your life and have your thoughts, feelings and actions match

  • Tune in to your attitude of success

  • ​Design and step into the best version of yourself

  • ​Master your leadership skills

  • ​Live in harmony with universal law and build an impression of increase in your life and business

  • Stay focused and mastermind with like-minded people

  • ​​Position yourself for quantum leaps in your results


"I spent more than 20 years in energy and vibrational medicine. While I loved what I did, I didn't earn much money and my relationships suffered. When I started thinking into results everything changed. I published two best selling books, am featured in national media, and earn more most months than I used to in a year. Life is good and I love this work!"

Tara Pilling, Consultant

"I'm very new to the program and I have had the most successful month in business. I doubled my annual income in just 5 weeks and seen a positive shift in my family dynamic! I've become more responsive, cooled my reactive side and am working with my kids and husband to search for solutions instead of manifesting problems. Thank you Larisa for never giving up on me and taking me on this incredible journey!"

Tania Donahoe, Sewn Soles

"Since beginning my journey, I've released more than 60 pounds I've been holding onto for more than 30 years. At first I didn't believe I could and now I live in a healthy, strong body and love my everyday. I've transformed how I think about myself and am inspiring friends, family and my classroom students every day."

Tarara Hrechuch, Teacher

"When I started the program, I immediately got four new customers in one week and my classes quickly became waitlisted. I've just had my highest income earning month ever and achieved my first income goal. This is incredible!"

- Maja Ognjanovich, Therapeutic Pilates Specialist

Introducing the

Abundance Accelerator Program

The ultimate, all-in-one mindset program for high achieving women who want to love themselves, love their lives and continually step up up to the growth and potential they have and desire!

Here's What You Get With The Abundance Accelerator Program!

  • Stanford Researched "Overcome Your Roadblocks" Assessment tool to pinpoint your results, guide your course of action and measure progress along the way

  • Personally customized roadmap for you to achieve the results you desire

  • Daily kickstart to motivate you into action each and every day

  • Personalized Goal Clarity

  • Vision Expansion Process to create your ultimate life's vision and begin living it now

  • ​Weekly, highly interactive and motivational, group coaching calls

  • Radical personalized accountability to keep you moving forward and on track

  • Community of like-minded people

  • Access to Board Designated Trainer and Master Results Coach, Larisa Makuch to guide you through the learning process and lessons

  • ​A resource vault with access to program materials and more than 200 questions answered 24/7, accessible by both desktop and mobile

  • Comprehensive workbooks, worksheets and guides to help you through the program

  • Success Journal to keep you focused on the best in your life

  • Gratitude Guide to keep your energy elevated and high

  • Custom printed goal cards to keep you focused and on track

  • Foolproof Decision Conditioning System

  • Guidance System to a Beautiful State

  • Calendar Ninja Trainings

  • Limiting Belief Bootcamp

  • 30-Second Stress Buster and Calmness Inducer Technique

  • Daily Success Habit Tracker

  • And so much more!

Step #1: Contact Information

Step #2: Shipping Address

Step #3: Check out


$20,000 USD + tax


(SAVE $5,000)


$25,000 USD + tax

$5,000 DOWN &

$1,500/mo for 10 mos

Imagine What Life Would Be Like If You Could Have The Time, Money And Freedom You Desire?

What does time, money and freedom look like to you? 
  • Have the freedom and earn as much income as you want? 

  • ​Pay all bills with ease and still have money left over for fun? 

  • ​Create beautiful memories traveling with those you love most?

  • ​Be home for dinner and fully focused on your family when you're home? 

  • ​Buy what you want, when you want, where you want? 

  • ​Working from your living room, the beach or an office of your choice?

  • ​Donating to charities and making an impact to those in need?

  • ​Leaving a legacy for yourself and your family? 


This program can help you achieve massive success, but it's not for everyone.

Your results will depend on many factors...including your willingness to change, put in the work and take consistent action. 


If you are willing to, click the button below to get started!

Meet Larisa Makuch

Master Results Coach & CEO, Abundance Academy

Larisa is ruthlessly compassionate and leads highly successful motivated women through mental barriers and into unstoppable confidence, authenticity and empowered lives. 

A savvy, sought-after speaker, master results coach and author of the upcoming book "Stop Procrastinating Your Life Away: Discover The Secrets To More Time, Money & Freedom." She helps clients overcome their paradigms so they can be, do or have their greatest dreams and desires in life.

Larisa’s a Board Designated Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Hypnotherapy, Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy® and NLP Results Coaching, as well as Certified Consultant with the Proctor Gallagher Institute.


What are the most frequently asked questions?

How much time does it take?

Expect to invest an hour per day into doing the work this program requires. This may seem like a lot if you're not used to it. We assure you, the time invested will actually SAVE you a lot in the end. You will become more effective in all aspects of your life as a result.

What does a typical week look like in your program?

We meet every Monday evening for a group call. It lasts from 1-1.5 hours.

You have a customized daily study program that lasts about an hour a day. We advise not to exceed 1.5 hours.

We meet once weekly on Thursdays for an Open Office Hours Q & A session. The times vary.

How long is your Abundance Accelerator Program?

The program is a 12 month commitment.

Why is it 12 months long?

Transformation takes time. In order for YOU to create the transformation, build momentum and truly gain traction, you will have a series of changes that happen. You must also build the neurology required to sustain these changes and learn the tools for self-management in your future. These are tools for life.

How long will I have access?

You will have lifetime access to the skills you learn in the program. You will have access to Abundance Academy's resource vault throughout your duration of time enrolled in the respective Abundance Academy programs.

Do you provide refunds?

No. We are here to support you and your success. That is your choice. We also realize that when change happens, it can be uncomfortable, even good change. We want you to fully commit to yourself, just like we are. What you put in is what you get out of it.

What results can I expect?

The results you will experience will be up to you, and they vary based on each individual. If you do the work, you will get the results you desire.

What is evidence-based coaching and why is it important?

We use multiple forms of evidence to demonstrate the changes you make to yourself and your unconscious mind. Using evidence is key, because it is measurable and concrete. This helps take the "woo-woo" out of some of the more metaphysical aspects to the work we do and allows it to be accessible in the real world.

What happens after I complete the Abundance Accelerator Program?

Team Abundance will have a meeting with you to discuss your next best steps. Many of our members return with the Abundance Academy Alumni Leadership Program, others move onto our Elite Advanced Level training and mastermind opportunities.